Saturday Islamic School Registration

Classes Begin: September 25, 2021

Every Saturday
10:45AM to 1:30PM
Ages: 5 to 13

Monthly Fees: $40/month for one student, $30/month for each additional student

Click Here To Register Online

(We will hold in-person registrations on September 18th for anyone who cannot register online, however payment must be made by credit/debit card.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Will lunch be provided?

A. No, students are expected to eat breakfast before class and they can have lunch after dismissal. No Food and drinks other than water are allowed in the building.

Q. What topics will be covered?

A. The program will focus primarily on Quran and Islamic Studies.

Q. What do students need to bring?

A. Students will be given a binder with classwork and assignments and they must bring it with them every week.

Q. Will there be school during holidays?

A. Insha’Allah, we will announce if class is canceled during a long weekend to accommodate for traveling families.

Q. What is the fee for this program?

A. This program will cost $40/month for one student, and $30/month for each additional student.

Q. Is there a discount for second or additional children?

A. There is a discounted fee of $30/month for second and additional children. If you cannot afford the program fees you can email or register in person.